Indian Scout Launch

As AOR for Indian Motorcycle, Skyya relaunched the most iconic bike in American motorcycling, the Scout, more than 60 years since its first launch.

Buckle Up for the Future of Crypto

Daymak, founded in 2002, is a pioneer in personal light electric vehicles (LEVs), a growing micro-mobility market for sustainable, climate-friendly transport.

The Future of Navigation

Skyya was engaged in August 2018 to launch WaveSense, the first company in the world to offer self-driving vehicle navigation based on ground penetrating radar at commercial scale.

Bringing Electric Hypercars to the U.S.

Automobili Pininfarina, is a luxury electric vehicle manufacturer based in Germany that aims to be the most sustainable luxury car brand in the world. Pininfarina announced the production of their electric supercar, the Battista, in July 2022. Designed, engineered and produced by hand in Italy, the Battista hyper GT is the world’s most powerful Italian sports car ever and sits at the intersection of sumptuous luxury and sustainability. Skyya was enlisted to make a name for Pinnafarina and their Battista vehicle in the U.S. Market through media engagements via press interviews and ride experiences. Skyya worked closely with to deliver key messages of importance of the U.S. market, unique differentiators, and plans to deliver the first vehicles to the US in 2022. Skyya worked with Pininfarina to create a unique press drive experience in Malibu, California amongst a tight date guidance and parameters) for 9 top tier press across luxury, lifestyle and business segments. The experience was a luxury and carefully and uniquely curated for a personalized and customer focused experience to provide a full experience a customer purchasing the vehicle would have. Dedicated sessions also provided background information for historic and timeless brands and their spot as one of the most luxurious and desired pure- electric hypercars, and the world’s first electric hyper GT.

Award-Winning Roadster

Polaris called on Skyya to launch a new on-road vehicle brand – the Polaris Slingshot – a three-wheeled roadster that delivers a driving experience like no other. Skyya set out to generate unprecedented, unpaid impressions in the first 90 days after launch with emphasis on outlets targeting our primary buyer demographic and drive consumers to place pre-order deposits given the lag time between launch and product availability.

An Electric Romp Through the Alps

When Energica Motor Company launched its new “green tourer” Experia electric motorcycle, the media was extremely receptive and excited about the new model, with billions of positive earned media impressions secured. To take the coverage to the next level, Energica hosted journalists from around the world in the Dolomites Italian mountain range for a test ride through the winding switchbacks of the Alps.