The Future of Navigation

Skyya was engaged in August 2018 to launch WaveSense, the first company in the world to offer self-driving vehicle navigation based on ground penetrating radar at commercial scale. Its mission is to enable self-driving vehicles the ability to navigate any road safely, precisely and reliably in all weather conditions. WaveSense is the exclusive worldwide licensee of the MIT-owned patents relating to localizing ground penetrating radar. Testing and development to date, including that which occurred in Afghanistan, was done by MIT Lincoln Laboratory.


1. Secured news day press coverage with more than a dozen top-tier publications including Wired, VentureBeat, Boston Business Journal, Road & Track, CNET, Popular Mechanics, Fortune and Digital Trends.

2. More than 15 press + analyst briefings in advance of the story hitting on launch day, including briefings with Bloomberg, ABI Research, Strategy Analytics, Associated Press, New York Times and NPR Car Talk.

3. More than 110 million launch day impressions.

4. Secured more than 20 quality, on-message stories in the first month of our engagement including a grand slam with Bloomberg across all four of its media properties.

5. Award recipient – put forward for selection and named to BostInno’s 2018 50 on Fire list.