Consolidation in the Lidar Space 

Ouster (NYSE: OUST) is a leading provider of high-resolution digital lidar sensors for the industrial, automotive, smart infrastructure, and robotics industries.

The Yellow School Bus Goes Green

In January 2022, GreenPower Motor Company (Nasdaq:GP) announced its plans to manufacture zero-emission, all-electric school buses in West Virginia.

Reinventing the Wheel

Skyya was engaged as Indian Motorcycle’s AOR in October 2012 as a key member of the team chartered with the enormous task of resurrecting one of America’s oldest and most storied brands.

Driving Awareness, One Dealership at a Time

By working directly with local dealership executives and members of the local press over a span of nearly 24 months, Skyya secured briefings and provided regular hands-on media training and preparation for interviews while promoting press attendance at local Demo Day dealer events and dealership openings.

Making a Market Maker Known

GreenPower Motor Company (NASDAQ: GP) (TSXV: GPV) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electric-powered medium and heavy-duty vehicles including transit buses, school buses, cargo vans + more, spanning across multiple sectors including transit, delivery, student transportation, fleet operators, municipal and final stage manufacturers.

Bringing Digital Lidar to the World

Ouster (NYSE: OUST) is building a safer and more sustainable future through its high-resolution digital lidar sensors for the automotive, industrial, smart infrastructure, and robotics industries.

Celebrate the Change U.S. Tour

Skyya client Sibros announced a strategic partnership with solar EV manufacturer Sono Motors (Nasdaq: SEV) to deploy Sibros’ connected software-based solutions in 2021 to manage the entire fleet of Sono Motors’ solar electric vehicle (SEV), the Sion.

Peter Adderton, Former CEO of Boost Mobile

Peter Adderton, founder and former CEO of Boost Mobile USA, was on the hunt for a superstar agency to help tell his story to lawmakers, the DOJ, the FCC, and American consumers via hard-hitting news stories and interviews in top-tier media outlets.