A Pivot To Re-Introduce an Electric Vehicle

Eli Electric Vehicles, an emerging EV startup building the next generation of affordable, efficient, and sustainable micro-electric vehicles for cities and communities. Eli reimagines personal vehicles by creating advanced, efficient and affordable micro-EVs for daily short trips. Eli ZERO is the next generation personal vehicle focused on simplicity, elegance and efficiency. The company was gearing up to announce key milestones including a newly redesigned Eli ZERO, start to production, EU distribution roll-out and its StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign. The company had to pivot from a planned U.S. rollout due to tariffs. Eli Electric called upon Skyya to re-introduce and expand their presence in the U.S., gain financial backing in their crowdfunding campaign and escalate the brand as a neighborhood electric vehicle readying for the U.S.


1. From September to October 2021, nearly 20 pieces of press coverage with total estimated reach of 85,200,310+

2. Within weeks of being hired on, Skyya secured CEO briefings with top-tier targets Rebecca Bellan, TechCrunch; Paul Ridden, New Atlas; Lloyd Alter, Treehugger and Bengt Halvorson, Green Car Reports

3. Feature coverage secured from Treehugger, Electrive, AutoEvolution, New Atlas and more.

4. A secured Eli ZERO test drive with Micah Toll, Electrek in Italy during EICMA