An Electric Romp Through the Alps

When Energica Motor Company launched its new “green tourer” Experia electric motorcycle, the media was extremely receptive and excited about the new model, with billions of positive earned media impressions secured. To take the coverage to the next level, Energica hosted journalists from around the world in the Dolomites Italian mountain range for a test ride through the winding switchbacks of the Alps.


1. Over 1 Billion earned media impressions in the first week of launching the Experia motorcycle, all with a positive sentiment and true press coverage (not press release pickup).

2. Press coverage was published in more than a dozen countries.

3. 50+ journalists traveled from around the world to the remote town of Salva di Gardania in Italy to be the first to experience the Experia electric motorcycle. The journalists published honest and positive ride reviews with an estimated total reach of 300 million UMVs.

4. Coverage was published in top-tier business and virtually all major motorcycle publications including Forbes, VisorDown, Electrek, RoadRacing World,, and more.