Series B $85M

Gatik announced an $85 million Series B funding round in conjunction with their expansion into Texas. By utilizing both announcements we were able to create a larger brand moment on news day. The timing of the announcements together showcased a milestone for the company and pointed to the international and investor growth of autonomous vehicles. […]

Making a Market Maker Known

GreenPower Motor Company (NASDAQ: GP) (TSXV: GPV) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electric-powered medium and heavy-duty vehicles including transit buses, school buses, cargo vans + more, spanning across multiple sectors including transit, delivery, student transportation, fleet operators, municipal and final stage manufacturers. The company was relatively unknown in the U.S. market after uplisting […]

Driving Awareness, One Dealership at a Time

By working directly with local dealership executives and members of the local press over a span of nearly 24 months, Skyya secured briefings and provided regular hands-on media training and preparation for interviews while promoting press attendance at local Demo Day dealer events and dealership openings. Local media (print, radio, broadcast, online) were briefed on […]