Award Winning Campaign: Deep Connected Vehicle Software

Sibros offers the world’s first Deep Connectivity Platform for whole-vehicle OTA software updates, live data collection and AI-powered analytics in a single system. The platform also securely manages all in-vehicle software and data between vehicles, networks and the cloud. We kicked off our engagement with their Series A funding campaign, dialing into trusted Skyya relationships for proactive story placement and industry award submissions.


1. Skyya secured nearly a dozen high-quality, on-message stories to support Sibros’ Series A campaign during the first week of working together, resulting in over 35 million impressions.

2. Skyya has secured over a dozen stories with respected journalists at top-tier publications including Bloomberg, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle, Silicon Valley Business Journal, TechCrunch and more.

3. We have also submitted and won more than five prestigious awards including AutoTech Breakthrough, SAA Mobility Innovation, Best Company for Diversity and most recently Connected Car Platform of the Year by IoT Breakthrough.