Peter Adderton, Former CEO of Boost Mobile

Peter Adderton, founder and former CEO of Boost Mobile USA, was on the hunt for a superstar agency to help tell his story to lawmakers, the DOJ, the FCC, and American consumers via hard-hitting news stories and interviews in top-tier media outlets. He reached out to a trusted publicist, who said “you need to call Skyya.” Peter had strong feelings about the proposed Sprint/T-Mobile merger, and he wanted to put pressure on the telecom giants ensuring that all the right people on The Hill and The Street heard his message…and quickly.


  • One week after being hired, Skyya conducted a three-day NYC press tour consisting of in-person briefings and on-air interviews with WSJ, CNBC Squawk Box, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, USA Today and FOX Business + half a dozen phone briefings as well.
  • In our first 6 weeks, we issued 6 press releases and secured 60 broadcast segments or national stories in outlets including FOX Business, MSN, BGN, Politico, Washington Examiner, NY Times, FierceWireless, Wireless Week, Yahoo! Finance and Business Insider.
  • Launched a consumer education website – (a riff on T-Mobile’s All 4 5G website).
  • On the day of hearing in D.C., Skyya orchestrated another NYC press tour that included on-air segments with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo and Cheddar TV, plus deskside briefings with WSJ, Reuters, USA Today, Washington Examiner and Bloomberg News.
  • In our first 3 weeks, Sprint & T-Mobile execs got our message, responded to the pressure and made reference to Peter’s efforts under oath during the June 27 hearing.