Celebrate the Change U.S. Tour

Skyya client Sibros announced a strategic partnership with solar EV manufacturer Sono Motors (Nasdaq: SEV) to deploy Sibros’ connected software-based solutions in 2021 to manage the entire fleet of Sono Motors’ solar electric vehicle (SEV), the Sion. A year later, Sono Motors brought its solar EV stateside for the first time for a three-week cross-country tour in the U.S. Sibros hosted the San Francisco stop on the ‘Celebrate the Change Tour’ at the company’s HQ where they demonstrated a “first look” of how the connected vehicle platform runs and press were able to participate in a live mobile app demonstration of Sibros’ portal and platform.


  • In-Person attendance from top-tier press in the automotive and tech space including: Wall Street Journal, Rebecca Elliott; Automotive News, Doug Newcomb; EETimes, Egil Juliussen; and AI Addict, John Bernal.
  • Virtual event attendance included: Barron’s, CleanTechnica, Electrify News, Electrek, Fleet Forward, Future Ride, GreenBiz, Insider, Informa Tech Automotive, Spectrum 1 News, TechCrunch, The Verge and Yahoo! Finance.
  • 270 registered attendees for the LinkedIn Live and 50 comments during the event. .