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Skyya Communications secures quality exposure for its clients across a wide range of media and publications. Here is a sampling of some of the recent results our clients have enjoyed:


Occly Blinc is kind of like a personal bodyguard that you wear on your arm
June 13, 2017

  Bay Area bike share expansion gets rolling
June 12, 2017
  CitiBike has stalled — and the de Blasio administration is mostly to blame
June 8, 2017

PangeaBed Mattress Review: Cool Clean Comfort
June 4, 2017

  Rad Power Bikes added to Velofix Direct program
May 31, 2017

The Best Wearable Safety Devices For Solo Travelers
May 31, 2017

  The e-Bike That Might Replace Your Car
May 26, 2017
  PangeaBed Copper Mattress: A Penny for Your Bedtime Thoughts
May 12, 2017
  Polaris CEO on the state of manufacturing
May 12, 2017
  Today’s one of the best days of the year to buy a new mattress
May 14, 2017
  Everyone can sleep cooler and bacteria-free with these copper-infused pillows
May 8, 2017
  This startup says its copper-infused mattresses will help you sleep cooler at night
April 24, 2017

Taking A Thrill Ride With CycleBoard
April 3, 2017

  Copper Is Worth Its Weight In Gold
March 30, 2017
  See how the one percent lives, one $65,000 LED bed at a time
March 28, 2017
  PangeaBed introduces copper-infused bed-in-a-box
March 27, 2017
  PangeaBed says its copper-infused mattresses will help you sleep cooler
March 23, 2017

If I Knew Then... Noramay Cadena, Co-Founder, Make in LA
March 16, 2017


Vaportronix VQ Is The New iPhone Vape That’s Always With You
March 14, 2017

  Want to be the next Snap? It’s not just about a big idea and a bunch of cash
March 14, 2017

Cars Will Talk to One Another. Exactly How Is Less Certain.
March 9, 2017


Hawaii-founded FareHarbor named leading tour reservation system by Phocuswright
March 2, 2017


The Least Distracting Distraction
March 2017

  American Chief
March 2017
  A Born-Again Indian Motorcycles Is Here To Dethrone Harley-Davidson
February 20, 2017
  Polaris Hopes New Focus Will Rev Up Motorcycle Sales
February 7, 2017

Cubic Telecom Introduces Next-gen SIM Technology – Kelley Blue Book
January 24, 2017


The Indian Scout Will Restore Your Faith in Cruisers
January 16, 2017