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"Skyya was instrumental in elevating our brand awareness and our media profile to a leader in our sector, and with their hard work, our revenues more than doubled leading up to a successful IPO."
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Cobra Electronics

Forging a New CE Industry Category

The Mission
Skyya was selected to help Cobra immediately broaden and deepen its level and quality of coverage in the press, and to prepare for the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, where the company planned to launch its innovative systems and products. A secondary goal was to dramatically enhance the perception of this 50-year old company by marketing towards a more relevant and younger demographic.




The Skyya Approach
From the beginning of the engagement, Skyya immediately leveraged existing media relationships for background meetings and identifying a number of immediate opportunities for Cobra.

Skyya’s primary goals were three-fold: 1) to get ahead of the show schedule and the associated and almost impenetrable CES noise with Cobra’s new product introductions 2) to create tangible awareness for Cobra with a younger demographic and expand their press audience from traditional car and professional driver press to mobile, lifestyle, and CE press, and 3) to jumpstart their social media activity with a focus on driving significant activity to help propel sales and improve channel performance


The Results
Skyya’s work has helped secure more than a dozen prestigious product awards since CES 2011, including:

  • 2011 International Design Excellence Award (IDEA)
  • Multiple CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards
  • Trucking Magazine’s 5-Star Rating and Trucking Test Award
  • SEMA New Product Showcase Award
  • Two SEMA Global Media Awards


Skyya has delivered an award-winning and successful communications strategy for Cobra by significantly increasing the quality of coverage for the company and establishing Cobra as an innovative pioneer and market leader in several new product categories.

Some highlights included:The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Economist, VentureBeat, FOX News, Investor’s Business Daily, Women’s Health, The TODAY Show, The New York Times, TWICE, Men’s Health, FOX News, MSNBC

For more information please visit www.cobra.com.